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QtPrintSupport: Change QPrinterInfo::defaultPrinter() behaviour
In Qt4 QPrinterInfo::defaultPrinter() has inconsistant behaviour depending on the platform. On Mac and Unix if no default printer is set in the system then the first available printer is returned. but on Windows it returns a null QPrinterInfo. Currently Qt5 returns the first printer on all platforms, but this causes an inconsistency if you call isDefault() on the returned QPrinterInfo. The apidox is slightly ambiguous, but does seem to imply no printer will be returned if no default is set. The only place in Qt the public api is used is in QPrinter which is coded expecting that defaultPrinter() may return null but for there still to be availablePrinters(). Change-Id: I1bbef8cba259b7d51980a0199e9fd6d5466d921f Reviewed-by: Teemu Katajisto <> Reviewed-by: John Layt <>
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@@ -69,7 +69,12 @@ QPrinterInfoPrivate QPrinterInfoPrivate::shared_null;
The return value should be checked using isNull() before being
used, in case there is no default printer.
+ On some systems it is possible for there to be available printers
+ but none of them set to be the default printer.
\sa isNull()
+ \sa isDefault()
+ \sa availablePrinters()