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Doc: Add Qt6 QDBus porting guide
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In this topic we summarize those changes in Qt DBus, and provide
guidance to handle them.
- \section1 ADD STUFF HERE
+ \section1 The QtDBus module has undergone some basic consolidation and
+ cleanup. There should be minimal porting effort to be able to switch to Qt6.
+ \section2 QDBusMessage
+ The QDBusMessage::call() and QDBusMessage::asyncCall() methods with a fixed
+ size of arguments have been removed in Qt6.
+ \section2 QDBusArgument
+ The QDBusArgument::operator<<() specializations for QHash, QMap and QList
+ have been unified into common specializations for associative containers.
+ \section2 QDBusConnection
+ The QDBusConnection::sender() function has been removed in Qt6.
+ \section2 QDBusMessage
+ The QDBusMessage::createErrorReply() function now takes the QString \c name
+ argument by const reference instead of taking by value.
+ \section2 QDBusPendingReply
+ QDBusPendingReply has been changed to be a varadic template class in order
+ to support more than 8 template parameters now. The template parameters
+ are the types that will be used to extract the contents of the reply's data.