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doc: Remove wrong statement about cache filenames.
The cache actually generates paths like "http/data8/f/lr9un1so.d". Change-Id: Ie564494a241c3d1c87b2f0f17b42bd0349948640 Reviewed-by: Jędrzej Nowacki <> Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <> Reviewed-by: Andy Shaw <>
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@@ -67,8 +67,7 @@ QT_BEGIN_NAMESPACE
QNetworkDiskCache stores each url in its own file inside of the
cacheDirectory using QDataStream. Files with a text MimeType
- are compressed using qCompress. Each cache file starts with "cache_"
- and ends in ".cache". Data is written to disk only in insert()
+ are compressed using qCompress. Data is written to disk only in insert()
and updateMetaData().
Currently you cannot share the same cache files with more than