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QToolTip: Hide when close event is received
Hide the tooltip when a window is requested to close in addition to focus/activation change. This fixes the tooltip blocking the shutdown of a Qt Quick Controls application. Task-number: QTBUG-55523 Change-Id: I09d10fc162ce125075b03c534412b488974d12b9 Reviewed-by: J-P Nurmi <>
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diff --git a/src/widgets/kernel/qtooltip.cpp b/src/widgets/kernel/qtooltip.cpp
index 51bf6e4684..2f99f8836a 100644
--- a/src/widgets/kernel/qtooltip.cpp
+++ b/src/widgets/kernel/qtooltip.cpp
@@ -336,6 +336,7 @@ bool QTipLabel::eventFilter(QObject *o, QEvent *e)
case QEvent::FocusIn:
case QEvent::FocusOut:
+ case QEvent::Close: // For QTBUG-55523 (QQC) specifically: Hide tooltip when windows are closed
case QEvent::MouseButtonPress:
case QEvent::MouseButtonRelease:
case QEvent::MouseButtonDblClick: