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committerQt by Nokia <>2012-03-22 18:59:45 +0100
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Remove the false information that IA-64 supports SSE2
This must have been a mistake. IA-64 processors used to contain an IA-32 core, which supported SSE2. However, the IA-64 mode supported no such thing. Change-Id: I731c6018166af6b897cb697c68aad4ef3ae93132 Reviewed-by: Samuel Rødal <>
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diff --git a/src/corelib/tools/qsimd.cpp b/src/corelib/tools/qsimd.cpp
index 6c07480f99..a74a140582 100644
--- a/src/corelib/tools/qsimd.cpp
+++ b/src/corelib/tools/qsimd.cpp
@@ -320,12 +320,6 @@ static inline uint detectProcessorFeatures()
return features;
-#elif defined(__ia64__)
-static inline uint detectProcessorFeatures()
- return MMX|SSE|SSE2;
static inline uint detectProcessorFeatures()