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UIKit: Document the history and implementation of QIOSBackingStore
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+ \class QIOSBackingStore
+ \brief The QPlatformBackingStore on iOS.
+ QBackingStore enables the use of QPainter to paint on a QWindow, as opposed
+ to rendering to a QWindow through the use of OpenGL with QOpenGLContext.
+ Historically, the iOS port initially implemented the backing store by using
+ an QOpenGLPaintDevice as its paint device, triggering the use of the OpenGL
+ paint engine for QPainter based drawing. This was due to raster drawing
+ operations being too slow when not being NEON-optimized, and got the port
+ up and running quickly.
+ As of 3e892e4a97, released in Qt 5.7, the backing store now uses a QImage,
+ for its paint device, giving normal raster-based QPainter operations, and
+ enabling features such as antialiased drawing.
+ To account for regressions in performance, the old code path is still
+ available by setting the surface type of the QWindow to OpenGLSurface.
+ This surface type is normally used when rendering though QOpenGLContext,
+ but will in the case of QIOSBackingStore trigger the old OpenGL based
+ painter.
+ This fallback path is not too intrusive, as the QImage based path still
+ uses OpenGL to composite the image at flush() time using composeAndFlush.
QIOSBackingStore::QIOSBackingStore(QWindow *window)
: QRasterBackingStore(window)
, m_context(new QOpenGLContext)