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Avoid a double memory copy during bindTexture
If a painter is active on a QPixmap being uploaded, it will be copied twice, first to create a QImage and then from QImage into a texture. The first copy is unnecessary since the QImage is only temporary, so we can force it to be created as a reference instead of a copy. Change-Id: Iabcfb514a634446a01f1c4031349c185ec09290b Reviewed-by: Gunnar Sletta <>
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diff --git a/src/opengl/qgl.cpp b/src/opengl/qgl.cpp
index 3cfdcc549c..d73109dfd9 100644
--- a/src/opengl/qgl.cpp
+++ b/src/opengl/qgl.cpp
@@ -2497,7 +2497,19 @@ QGLTexture *QGLContextPrivate::bindTexture(const QPixmap &pixmap, GLenum target,
if (!texture) {
- QImage image = pixmap.toImage();
+ QImage image;
+ QPaintEngine* paintEngine = pixmap.paintEngine();
+ if (!paintEngine || paintEngine->type() != QPaintEngine::Raster)
+ image = pixmap.toImage();
+ else {
+ // QRasterPixmapData::toImage() will deep-copy the backing QImage if there's an active QPainter on it.
+ // For performance reasons, we don't want that here, so we temporarily redirect the paint engine.
+ QPaintDevice* currentPaintDevice = paintEngine->paintDevice();
+ paintEngine->setPaintDevice(0);
+ image = pixmap.toImage();
+ paintEngine->setPaintDevice(currentPaintDevice);
+ }
// If the system depth is 16 and the pixmap doesn't have an alpha channel
// then we convert it to RGB16 in the hope that it gets uploaded as a 16
// bit texture which is much faster to access than a 32-bit one.