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Add QTextListFormat::start: html and markdown ordered list index offsetHEADdev
This is useful for a lot of applications that render text coming from sources which already support arbitrarily numbered lists (like chat applications for example). Application-side workarounds usually have significant overhead; and this feature has been requested multiple times. It should be possible to both read and write HTML with the <ol start="x"> attribute, and read and write Markdown with arbitrary numbers for the first item in a list. [ChangeLog][QtGui] QTextList now supports specifying a start index using the new QTextList::{setStart, start} functions. The HTML start attribute on ordered lists in rich text documents is now parsed and used when rendering a text list. Non-negative indices in markdown lists are now also parsed and written properly. This allows starting a list with a different number than 1. Fixes: QTBUG-30407 Fixes: QTBUG-65384 Task-number: QTBUG-107562 Change-Id: Ib35b9378d9134ffedaa2d92f728b0984793aa7c1 Reviewed-by: Shawn Rutledge <>
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