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QMouseEvent: Set QEventPoint globalPressPosition and globalLastPositionHEADdev
Qt Quick's MultiPointTouchArea compares the delta since press against the drag threshold to determine whether a gesture has started, for example. Since it can be configured to handle both mouse and touch, this needs to be done for mouse events in a similar way as it's done in QGuiApplicationPrivate::processTouchEvent(). Storing one global cursor position is not OK for multi-mouse support, but that's a problem for another time; so we keep using QGuiApplicationPrivate::lastCursorPosition for now. Amends 4e400369c08db251cd489fec1229398c224d02b4 Change-Id: I242565c4548878878a67074877468e5fde84a490 Reviewed-by: Fabian Kosmale <>
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