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QLocale: Extend support for language codesHEADdev
This commit extends functionality for QLocale::codeToLanguage() and QLocale::languageToCode() by adding an additional argument that allows selection of the ISO 639 code-set to consider for those operations. The following ISO 639 codes are supported: * Part 1 * Part 2 bibliographic * Part 2 terminological * Part 3 As a result of this change the codeToLanguage() overload without the additional argument now returns a Language value if it matches any know code. Previously a valid language was returned only if the function argument matched the first code defined for that language from the above list. [ChangeLog][QtCore][QLocale] Added overloads for codeToLanguage() and languageToCode() that support specifying which ISO 639 codes to consider. Fixes: QTBUG-98129 Change-Id: I4da8a89e2e68a673cf63a621359cded609873fa2 Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <>
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