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QTableView: replace QLinkedList with std::list
The object is never copied, so there's no point in using a cow'ed list implementation. Apart from the usual API adaptions (isEmpty() -> empty(), append() -> push_back()), alse replaced two foreach-loops with ranged-for. The first one does not call into out-of-line functions, and doesn't modify the container it iterates over, so is safe. The second does call into out-of-line functions, but they are const. The loop does not modify the container it iterates over, either, so is also safe (except for some fishy const_cast somewhere, or const being lost due to shallowness of const). Also replaced explicit-iterator loops with ranged-for where possible. Change-Id: I60b0f2d356846d527bfbaa6a0ecbb8395013b852 Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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