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Fix documentation of QAction's text propertyHEADdev
The text of an action is used as the tooltip and iconText unless those are explicitly set, and only then does an '&' mnemonic get stripped. An '&' in the text will generate mnemonic shortcuts in some UI controls, such as menubars, menus, or buttons. Document that in the text property, and add a see-also from the constructor to the relevant properties. As a drive-by, reduce the usage of "widget" in the documentation. QAction now lives in QtGui and can be used by both widget and Qt Quick UIs. Fixes: QTBUG-109060 Fixes: QTBUG-109061 Pick-to: 6.4 6.2 Change-Id: I5e7c2a01b8029f519d7050187e486b667d3cd52b Reviewed-by: Paul Wicking <>
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