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application is to compile it into a dynamic library that is shipped
separately, and detected and loaded at runtime.
- Plugins can be linked statically against your application. If you
+ Plugins can be linked statically into your application. If you
build the static version of Qt, this is the only option for
including Qt's predefined plugins. Using static plugins makes the
deployment less error-prone, but has the disadvantage that no
@@ -253,7 +253,8 @@
\row \li \c qico \li Image formats \li ICO
\row \li \c qsvg \li Image formats \li SVG
\row \li \c qtiff \li Image formats \li TIFF
- \row \li \c qsqldb2 \li SQL driver \li IBM DB2 \row \li \c qsqlibase \li SQL driver \li Borland InterBase
+ \row \li \c qsqldb2 \li SQL driver \li IBM DB2
+ \row \li \c qsqlibase \li SQL driver \li Borland InterBase
\row \li \c qsqlite \li SQL driver \li SQLite version 3
\row \li \c qsqlite2 \li SQL driver \li SQLite version 2
\row \li \c qsqlmysql \li SQL driver \li MySQL
@@ -263,7 +264,7 @@
\row \li \c qsqltds \li SQL driver \li Sybase Adaptive Server (TDS)
- To link statically against those plugins, you need to add
+ To link those plugins statically, you need to add
the required plugins to your build using \c QTPLUGIN.
Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN() macros are also needed in application code,
but those are automatically generated by qmake and added to