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* purge obsolete filesOswald Buddenhagen2013-04-191-2/+0
* rename qt_module_config.prf => qt_module.prfOswald Buddenhagen2012-08-081-237/+2
* s/QT_PRIVATE/QT_FOR_PRIVATE/Oswald Buddenhagen2012-08-041-5/+5
* Fix debug and release build for Windows CEAndreas Holzammer2012-07-251-1/+1
* Don't make the CMake file generation dependent on DESTDIR.Stephen Kelly2012-07-251-1/+1
* Create CMake files conditionally on the internal_module CONFIG option.Stephen Kelly2012-07-231-1/+1
* remove pointless checking/fallback code for $$TARGETOswald Buddenhagen2012-07-121-1/+0
* set DLLDESTDIR only for non-prefix buildsOswald Buddenhagen2012-07-051-1/+1
* set DLLDESTDIR to the build dir, not the install dirOswald Buddenhagen2012-07-051-1/+1
* Skip (re-)creation of cmake files during build passes.Stephen Kelly2012-07-041-1/+1
* qmake: improve the .pc files generatorKonstantin Ritt2012-07-031-0/+5
* Update the macros for shared/DLL and static buildsThiago Macieira2012-06-281-6/+14
* add possibility to set $$MODULE_IMPORT_SUFFIX in module .pri filesOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-241-1/+1
* less confusing wordingOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-1/+1
* fix misnomer: qt_module.prf => qt_build_config.prfOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-2/+2
* fix regexp in qmodule.pri inclusion checkOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-1/+1
* support for private depends in modulesOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-0/+10
* let modules which are frameworks remember that factOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-0/+2
* remove workarounds for broken syncqtOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-6/+0
* automatically add QT_BUILD_FOO_LIB to DEFINESOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-0/+5
* auto-generate QMAKE_PKGCONFIG_REQUIRES and QMAKE_PKGCONFIG_DESCRIPTIONOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-0/+6
* move QMAKE_PKGCONFIG_VARIABLES stuff out of qt_module_config.prfOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-23/+0
* auto-generate module prisOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-1/+56
* factor out qt_module_headers.prfOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-3/+1
* make headers.pri locality determination less convolutedOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-5/+1
* generate fwd-pris in qt_module_config, not in syncqtOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-1/+16
* bring statements into a somewhat logical orderOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-4/+4
* make version fallback code saneOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-5/+1
* remove explicit RCC_DIR addition to INCLUDEPATHOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-1/+0
* make qt_module_config.prf install the module pri fileOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-0/+1
* purge QMAKE_INCDIR_QT and QMAKE_LIBDIR_QTOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-2/+2
* remove some DEPENDPATH nonsenseOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-9/+0
* Do not add debug/release to QMAKE_CONFIG. Let module system enable themSean Harmer2012-06-141-5/+8
* configure: Auto-detect and enable C++11 support if availableBradley T. Hughes2012-06-051-0/+1
* Warn if we use deprecated methods from Qt modulesThiago Macieira2012-04-251-0/+1
* Only create the cmake files if DESTDIR is non-empty.Stephen Kelly2012-03-281-1/+1
* Only create cmake files if MODULE is set.Stephen Kelly2012-03-231-1/+1
* QT_RAW_INSTALL_FOO => QT_INSTALL_FOO/rawOswald Buddenhagen2012-03-121-8/+8
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/api_changes'Lars Knoll2012-03-041-8/+8
| * revamp -sysroot and -hostprefix handlingOswald Buddenhagen2012-03-011-11/+11
* | Activate replacements when installing .pc files for win32Hib Eris2012-02-291-7/+7
* | De-duplicate platform-dependent pathsHib Eris2012-02-291-12/+8
* Remove usages of QT_ARCH and QT_ARCH_* from qtbaseBradley T. Hughes2012-02-171-1/+0
* Remove support for the MNG file format and the bundled libmngaavit2012-01-251-2/+0
* Finish removing Qt3 supportBradley T. Hughes2011-12-231-1/+0
* Set QMAKE_*_VERSION_OVERRIDE for all modules.Rohan McGovern2011-12-071-13/+0
* Install CMake config files from Qt.Stephen Kelly2011-11-291-0/+2
* qmake: remove symbian supportJoerg Bornemann2011-11-071-47/+1
* Ensure build_all is propagated to all modules when appropriate.Rohan McGovern2011-09-151-0/+1
* Configure: Set separate_debug_info for all modulesKai Koehne2011-08-161-0/+2