path: root/mkspecs/unsupported/win32-g++-cross/qmake.conf
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* merge mingw mkspec changes for cross compilingPeter K├╝mmel2012-08-211-94/+0
* centralize+fix addition of copy_dir_files flagOswald Buddenhagen2012-08-071-1/+1
* Avoid macro re-definition after 1838a6c2fb5e3b4368c871aa330d028b255b83afKonstantin Ritt2012-06-261-1/+1
* centralize definitions of shell commandsOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-12/+2
* purge QMAKE_INCDIR_QT and QMAKE_LIBDIR_QTOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-191-2/+0
* add SSE2/AVX/Neon/etc. flags to mkspec win32-g++-crossMark Brand2012-06-121-0/+9
* Enable extra warnings for win32-g++ mkspecsJonathan Liu2012-05-231-1/+1
* remove assignment of QMAKE_MOC & QMAKE_UIC from mkspecs (part 2)Mark Brand2012-03-091-7/+0
* Implement missing replacements when installing .pc files for win32Hib Eris2012-02-291-0/+1
* Windows: Adapt cross mkspec for MinGW / gcc 4.6.Mark Brand2012-01-121-2/+2
* use "cp -R" instead of "cp -r" for *bsd compatibilityMark Brand2012-01-101-1/+1
* sync win32-g++-cross with win32-g++ (lib prefix and extension)Mark Brand2011-09-121-0/+2
* Initial import from the monolithic Qt.Qt by Nokia2011-04-271-0/+101