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* Make the QMultiHash(const QHash &) constructor explicitLars Knoll2020-11-031-1/+1
* Use (void) instead of Q_UNUSEDAndré Klitzing2020-10-311-7/+7
* Fix Clang compiler warnings (-Wrange-loop-analysis)David Skoland2020-10-171-1/+1
* Replace Q_DECL_UNUSED with [[maybe_unused]]Allan Sandfeld Jensen2020-10-031-1/+1
* Make moc ready for when null byte-arrays have null constData()Edward Welbourne2020-09-171-5/+9
* Moc: Require complete types consistentlyUlf Hermann2020-09-101-5/+6
* Enforce complete method types of QML registered classesFabian Kosmale2020-09-031-1/+1
* Make bindings introspectable through mocLars Knoll2020-09-021-49/+10
* Remove QNotifiedProperty and Q_PRIVATE_QPROPERTYLars Knoll2020-09-021-289/+29
* Change QByteArray to handle large arraysLars Knoll2020-08-271-1/+1
* Use QMetaType in QMetaCallEventLars Knoll2020-08-241-4/+4
* Deprecate the static int based API in QMetaTypeLars Knoll2020-08-241-2/+2
* Follow through on ### Qt6 comments in qglobal.hEdward Welbourne2020-08-181-1/+1
* Avoid UB in moc generated codeLars Knoll2020-08-071-1/+1
* QMetaType: force properties to have a complete type againFabian Kosmale2020-07-241-4/+16
* Suffix qt_pluginMetaData with class nameTor Arne Vestbø2020-07-161-3/+4
* moc: allow wrapper generation for QProperty in pimpl classFabian Kosmale2020-07-141-10/+41
* moc: For non-STORED QProperties, expect a pointerUlf Hermann2020-07-091-32/+150
* moc: Allow out-of-line storage for Q_PRIVATE_QPROPERTYUlf Hermann2020-07-081-9/+9
* Introduce QByteArrayViewSona Kurazyan2020-07-081-2/+4
* Use qsizetype in QListLars Knoll2020-07-061-12/+12
* moc: Fix QProperty code generationFabian Kosmale2020-06-251-4/+4
* Use QList instead of QVector in mocJarek Kobus2020-06-221-25/+35
* Add support for QNotifiedProperty to the mocSimon Hausmann2020-06-181-10/+27
* Get rid of the obsolete isEditable flag for propertiesLars Knoll2020-06-111-3/+0
* Cleanups in QMetaPropertyFabian Kosmale2020-06-111-36/+7
* Qt6: remove support for property flags being functionsLars Knoll2020-06-111-128/+6
* MetaObject: Store the QMetaType of the methodsFabian Kosmale2020-06-021-14/+53
* Provide a way of exposing private QProperties with a fake APISimon Hausmann2020-04-301-0/+105
* Allow for private properties to be implemented using QPropertySimon Hausmann2020-04-301-4/+12
* Add support for exposing public QProperty members in the meta-object systemSimon Hausmann2020-03-181-20/+52
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.15' into devQt Forward Merge Bot2020-02-261-3/+3
| * moc: Record whether a meta object is an object, gadget, or namespaceUlf Hermann2020-02-131-3/+3
* | MetaObject: store the QMetaType of the propertiesOlivier Goffart2020-02-251-0/+12
* | Cleanup code where we mixed QHash and QMultiHash iterator codeLars Knoll2020-02-031-1/+1
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.15' into devQt Forward Merge Bot2020-01-281-0/+2
|\ \ | |/
| * Introduce Q_PROPERTY attribute REQUIREDFabian Kosmale2020-01-231-0/+2
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.15' into devLiang Qi2020-01-041-2/+4
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| * Use a QMultiHash explicitly if insertMulti() is being usedLars Knoll2019-12-121-1/+1
| * Support Q_GADGET QMetaObject super class hierarchies across templatesMilian Wolff2019-12-121-1/+3
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.15' into devQt Forward Merge Bot2019-12-091-1/+1
|\ \ | |/
| * Tidy nullptr usageAllan Sandfeld Jensen2019-12-061-1/+1
* | Change representation of string data in the meta objectLars Knoll2019-12-081-8/+5
* | Use Q_NAMESPACE for the Qt namespace, and remove the old moc hack to support itOlivier Goffart2019-12-061-9/+2
* | Add support for slots to receive the raw void ** arguments arrayLars Knoll2019-10-071-12/+16
* Qt6: Fix uninitialized meta objects on WindowsThiago Macieira2019-07-161-3/+8
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.13' into devLiang Qi2019-06-141-1/+1
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.12' into 5.13Qt Forward Merge Bot2019-06-111-1/+1
| |\
| | * moc: Fix indentation of generated codeFriedemann Kleint2019-06-071-1/+1
* | | moc: Add a standard way of specifying a URI as part of Q_PLUGIN_METADATAUlf Hermann2019-04-111-0/+6
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