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| * Dynamic GL support in Quick1's ShaderEffectSourcev5.3.0-alpha1Laszlo Agocs2014-02-201-1/+2
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* QtQuick1: Add generated .qmltypesKai Koehne2012-11-298-1/+4374
* Observe GL context loss in ShaderEffectItemChris Adams2012-11-282-34/+7
* make use of qml1_plugin.prfOswald Buddenhagen2012-11-226-70/+10
* Move the Qt Quick 1 imports back to "imports"Thiago Macieira2012-11-195-5/+5
* Adapt to WebKit module changesSimon Hausmann2012-10-192-2/+2
* Do not use module-include in shader-plugin.Friedemann Kleint2012-10-176-7/+10
* Rename the QtQuick1 module back to QtDeclarativeFriedemann Kleint2012-10-1712-24/+24
* Add QtQuick1 WebKit integration (from QtWebKit module)Simon Hausmann2012-09-272-3/+4
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* Remove Symbian platformKai Koehne2012-09-187-49/+1
* Doc: Changed \qmlclass to \qmltype and added \instantiatesJerome Pasion2012-07-306-9/+18
* Install the qmlgesturesplugin in the correct locationmarc_philippens2012-06-281-1/+1
* Import QtQuick1 WebView from upstream WebKit trunkSimon Hausmann2012-06-256-0/+1606
* Separate the path for Qt Quick 1 plugins from Qt Quick 2Lars Knoll2012-06-124-4/+4
* QtQuick1: Fix build warnings.Friedemann Kleint2012-05-101-0/+1
* QAbstractItemModel::setRoleNames is not necessary.Thiago Macieira2012-05-073-7/+11
* QtQuick1: Fix deprecation warnings.Friedemann Kleint2012-05-021-3/+5
* Adapt to Qt5 meta-object changesKent Hansen2012-04-181-2/+2
* Remove the usage of deprecated qdoc macros.Casper van Donderen2012-03-135-58/+58
* Use new plugin system in QtQuick1.Friedemann Kleint2012-02-2112-13/+18
* Install import qmldir files to correct locationMatthew Vogt2012-02-091-1/+1
* Fix license header format.Matthew Vogt2012-02-0722-44/+22
* Install QtQuick1 imports to the correct locationSean Harmer2012-02-071-1/+1
* QtQuick1: Fix compilation on Windows.Friedemann Kleint2012-02-071-1/+1
* Fix license headers to match conventions.Matthew Vogt2012-02-0722-0/+22
* Install binaries and imports to qtbase.Andrew den Exter2012-02-034-4/+4
* Modify QtQuick1 to build in Qt5Matthew Vogt2012-01-3112-15/+15
* Import relevant source from Qt 4.8Matthew Vogt2012-01-3032-0/+5686