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* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tqtc/lts-5.15.7' into tqtc/lts-5.15-open...v5.15.7-lts-lgpl5.15Tarja Sundqvist2022-09-124-1/+17
| * Blacklist some flaky tst_qquickpopup functions on openSUSEMitch Curtis2021-09-211-0/+8
| * Bump versionTarja Sundqvist2021-09-071-1/+1
| * Fix memory leak in Qt Quick Controls iconEirik Aavitsland2021-09-072-0/+8
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tqtc/lts-5.15.6' into tqtc/lts-5.15-open...v5.15.6-lts-lgplTarja Sundqvist2022-08-1622-239/+353
|\ \ | |/
| * Revert "ToolTip: use contentWidth of Text contentItem to account for newlines"Mitch Curtis2021-08-166-233/+6
| * Revert "Allow creation of custom QQuickPopupItem-derived types"Mitch Curtis2021-08-168-196/+100
| * Doc: make it clear that Page doesn't render its title textMitch Curtis2021-07-021-0/+3
| * QQuickComboBox: fix acceptableInput being wrong if no validator was setOliver Eftevaag2021-06-172-3/+67
| * Add recursion guard to QQuickApplicationWindowPrivate::relayout()Jan Arve Sæther2021-06-173-1/+106
| * Fix SwipeDelegate losing swipes to parent flickablesMitch Curtis2021-06-172-8/+39
| * Blacklist some flaky tst_qquickdrawer functions on openSUSEMitch Curtis2021-06-161-0/+8
| * Fix warnings in some testsMitch Curtis2021-06-144-30/+29
| * ToolTip: use contentWidth of Text contentItem to account for newlinesMitch Curtis2021-06-096-6/+233
| * Bump versionTarja Sundqvist2021-06-071-1/+1
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tqtc/lts-5.15.5' into tqtc/lts-5.15-open...v5.15.5-lts-lgplTarja Sundqvist2022-05-1920-112/+383
|\ \ | |/
| * TextArea: Detach the flickable when it is deletedAndy Shaw2021-05-262-0/+19
| * Bump versionTarja Sundqvist2021-05-201-1/+1
| * Don't call QQml_setParent_noEvent with a nullptr itemVolker Hilsheimer2021-05-191-2/+2
| * Hide old scroll barsMitch Curtis2021-05-193-0/+81
| * Allow creation of custom QQuickPopupItem-derived typesMitch Curtis2021-05-188-100/+196
| * Imagine: fix GroupBox's bottom edge being clippedMitch Curtis2021-05-061-2/+1
| * QQuickDial: Keep value integer if everything is integerFabian Kosmale2021-05-042-3/+45
| * ScrollView: fix crash when scrolling with zero-sized itemMitch Curtis2021-04-263-1/+35
| * Change the name of the material style plugin to avoid a path limitAndy Shaw2021-04-232-2/+2
| * QmlDesigner: Fix RangeSliderSpecifics snap modeHenning Gruendl2021-04-211-1/+1
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tqtc/lts-5.15.4' into tqtc/lts-5.15-open...v5.15.4-lts-lgplTarja Sundqvist2022-04-075-10/+45
|\ \ | |/
| * Ensure the ninepatch image is detachedLaszlo Agocs2021-04-131-0/+7
| * Ninepatch: keep resetNode status to not lose track of ImageNode->NinePatchNod...Laszlo Agocs2021-04-131-1/+6
| * Fix static buildJoni Poikelin2021-03-091-1/+1
| * Bump versionJani Heikkinen2021-03-031-1/+1
| * ComboBox: don't focus TextField when clicking on indicatorBartlomiej Moskal2021-02-182-7/+30
* | Revert "Update commercial license headers"v5.15.3-lts-lgplTarja Sundqvist2021-03-22650-13578/+13578
* Combobox: Fix initial set of inputMethodHintsBartlomiej Moskal2021-02-032-6/+16
* Fix popups with exit transitions blocking mouse events when destroyedMitch Curtis2021-02-023-4/+163
* a11y: Fix ordering on header, content item and footer in PageJan Arve Sæther2021-02-0210-1/+283
* Update commercial license headersTarja Sundqvist2021-01-22650-13578/+13578
* Fix initial currentIndex in Tumbler when wrap is set to falseAlexey Edelev2021-01-142-2/+24
* SwipeDelegate: ensure background and contentItem are resizedMitch Curtis2021-01-144-2/+63
* Reset the opacity and scale properties after the exit transitionAndy Shaw2021-01-064-4/+76
* QmlDesigner: Remove duplicate of repeatThomas Hartmann2020-11-102-13/+3
* Doc: remove all instances of \qmlpropertygroupMitch Curtis2020-11-0910-12/+0
* Doc: fix Qt Labs Platform Menu icon documentationMitch Curtis2020-11-091-4/+4
* Fix QQuickHeaderView models to pass model testerVolker Hilsheimer2020-11-062-5/+14
* Doc: fix SplitView's inheritanceMitch Curtis2020-11-051-1/+1
* Add changes file for Qt 5.15.2Antti Kokko2020-10-281-0/+42
* Bump versionJani Heikkinen2020-10-271-1/+1
* Remove qtxmlpatterns from requirementsAssam Boudjelthia2020-10-221-1/+1
* QQuickAbstractButton: don't accept key release if we're not pressedMitch Curtis2020-10-223-1/+125
* Add changes file for Qt 5.12.10Antti Kokko2020-10-191-0/+27