BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
5.15Bump version to 5.15.17Tarja Sundqvist6 days
5.15.15Update ChromiumMichael Brüning4 months
5.15.16Update ChromiumMichael Brüning3 weeks
6.5Mention the need to use entitlements for QtWebEngineProcess on macOSMichael Brüning15 hours
6.5.2Update dependencies on '6.5.2' in qt/qtwebengineQt Submodule Update Bot5 months
6.5.3Band aid fix for crashing D3D11 Warp setupMichal Klocek2 months
6.6Minor. Cleanup cmake STREQUAL and add missing quotation marksMichal Klocek3 days
6.6.0Update dependencies on '6.6.0' in qt/qtwebengineQt Submodule Update Bot8 weeks
6.6.1Update dependencies on '6.6.1' in qt/qtwebengineQt Submodule Update Bot10 days
devUpdate dependencies on 'dev' in qt/qtwebengineQt Submodule Update Bot14 hours
v6.6.1commit 8c1db3e41d...Antti Kokko3 days
v5.15.16-ltscommit 224806a702...Antti Kokko13 days
v6.6.0commit f30957b9ee...Antti Kokko7 weeks
v6.5.3commit 864b08394d...Antti Kokko2 months
v6.2.6-lts-lgplcommit d72c6f2c65...Antti Kokko2 months
v6.6.0-rc1commit 4cbdd7a69a...Antti Kokko2 months
v6.6.0-beta4commit a7b34c221d...Antti Kokko2 months
v5.15.15-ltscommit 21ddfe15f6...Antti Kokko3 months
v6.6.0-beta3commit 72b72408df...Antti Kokko3 months
v6.5.2commit ac887518e8...Akseli Salovaara4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-01-23Make sure examples are always builtv0.1.0-tp1Simon Hausmann1-0/+7
2014-01-23Fix package builds against release builds of QtSimon Hausmann1-4/+25
2014-01-23Small fixes to the packaging scriptSimon Hausmann1-2/+9
2014-01-23RELEASE_ASSERT tweak.Pierre Rossi3-0/+36
2014-01-23Fix html5 videoAndras Becsi4-1/+22
2014-01-17Cleanup QtWebEngineWidgets headers for the TP1 releaseJocelyn Turcotte12-643/+49
2014-01-15Qt Quick File PickerPierre Rossi7-2/+158
2014-01-15JS dialogs in QtQuickPierre Rossi20-27/+597
2014-01-15Pave the way for our UI delegation strategy.Pierre Rossi15-11/+697
2014-01-15[Widgets] wire the file pickersPierre Rossi10-13/+137