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Update Chromium5.12
Submodule src/3rdparty 1b284e5b..b249cd9b: > [Backport] CVE-2021-30553: Use after free in Network service > [Backport] Security bug 1184294 > [Backport] CVE-2021-30569, security bugs 1198216, 1204814 and 1197786 > [Backport] CVE-2021-30560: Use after free in Blink XSLT > [Backport] Security bug 1252858 > [Backport] Security bug 1242257 > [Backport] CVE-2021-30627: Type Confusion in Blink layout > [Backport] CVE-2021-30618: Inappropriate implementation in DevTools > [Backport] CVE-2021-30603: Race in WebAudio > [Backport] CVE-2021-30585: Use after free in sensor handling > [Backport] CVE-2021-30559: Out of bounds write in ANGLE > [Backport] CVE-2021-30547: Out of bounds write in ANGLE > [Backport] Security bug 1202534 > [Backport] CVE-2021-30522: Use after free in WebAudio > Revert "[Backport] CVE-2021-21227: Insufficient data validation in V8" > Revert "[Backport] CVE-2021-30513: Type Confusion in V8." > Revert "[Backport] CVE-2021-21231: Insufficient data validation in V8" Change-Id: I61c36404e160864bf4daa730cef62aec747996c7 Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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-Subproject 1b284e5be03a82d966a84ef0c2d09c7e3d894cc
+Subproject b249cd9b6455cafacb8f7c99d300cefc59881cc