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Doc: remove doc config file from Qt WebEngineWidgets submodule
This helps maintaining the doc dependencies. All Qt WebEngine module docs are now generated in the /qtbase/doc/qtwebengine/ folder. Note that you must run qmake -r for the docs to be generated correctly after applying this patch. Add Qt WebEngine C++ Classes page that lists the C++ classes for the submodules. Modify snippet and example paths accordingly. Change-Id: I59431c5f766f30b59654ca4e2219b76c79137225 Reviewed-by: Topi Reiniƶ <>
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- \example quicknanobrowser
+ \example webengine/quicknanobrowser
\title WebEngine Quick Nano Browser
\ingroup webengine-examples
\brief A web browser implemented using the WebEngineView QML type.
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- \example demobrowser
+ \example webenginewidgets/demobrowser
\title WebEngine Demo Browser Example
\ingroup webengine-widgetexamples
\brief A demo browser based on Qt WebEngine Widgets
- The Demo Browser example shows the \l{Qt WebEngine Widgets} module in action,
- providing a little Web browser application with support for tabs.
+ \e {Demo Browser} demonstrates how to use the \l{Qt WebEngine Widgets C++ Classes}
+ {Qt WebEngine C++ classes} to develop a small Web browser application with support for tabs.
\image browser-demo.png
diff --git a/examples/webenginewidgets/fancybrowser/doc/src/fancybrowser.qdoc b/examples/webenginewidgets/fancybrowser/doc/src/fancybrowser.qdoc
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+++ b/examples/webenginewidgets/fancybrowser/doc/src/fancybrowser.qdoc
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- \example fancybrowser
+ \example webenginewidgets/fancybrowser
\title WebEngine Fancy Browser Example
\ingroup webengine-widgetexamples
\brief Demonstrates how to use browse web and manipulate content
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
The \c MainWindow class inherits QMainWindow. It implements a number of
slots to perform actions on both the application and on the web content.
- \snippet fancybrowser/mainwindow.h 1
+ \snippet webenginewidgets/fancybrowser/mainwindow.h 1
We also declare a QString that contains the jQuery, a QWebView
that displays the web content, and a QLineEdit that acts as the
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
We start by implementing the constructor.
- \snippet fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 1
+ \snippet webenginewidgets/fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 1
The first part of the constructor sets the value of \c progress to
0. This value will be used later in the code to visualize the
@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@
content. The jQuery library is a JavaScript library that provides different
functions for manipulating HTML.
- \snippet fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 2
+ \snippet webenginewidgets/fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 2
The second part of the constructor creates a QWebView and connects
slots to the views signals. Furthermore, we create a QLineEdit as
@@ -77,13 +77,13 @@
QLineEdit to a QToolbar together with a set of navigation actions
from QWebView::pageAction.
- \snippet fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 3
+ \snippet webenginewidgets/fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 3
The third and last part of the constructor implements two QMenus and assigns
a set of actions to them. The last line sets the QWebView as the central
widget in the QMainWindow.
- \snippet fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 4
+ \snippet webenginewidgets/fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 4
When the page is loaded, \c adjustLocation() updates the address
bar; \c adjustLocation() is triggered by the \c loadFinished()
@@ -92,13 +92,13 @@
the new web page has finished loading, \c adjustLocation() will be
run once more to update the address bar.
- \snippet fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 5
+ \snippet webenginewidgets/fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 5
\c adjustTitle() sets the window title and displays the loading
progress. This slot is triggered by the \c titleChanged() signal
in QWebView.
- \snippet fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 6
+ \snippet webenginewidgets/fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 6
When a web page has loaded, \c finishLoading() is triggered by the
\c loadFinished() signal in QWebView. \c finishLoading() then updates the
@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@
that the images of the newly loaded page respect the state of the toggle
- \snippet fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 7
+ \snippet webenginewidgets/fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 7
The first jQuery-based function, \c highlightAllLinks(), is designed to
highlight all links in the current webpage. The JavaScript code looks
@@ -121,14 +121,14 @@
For each such element, the background color is set to be yellow by
using CSS.
- \snippet fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 8
+ \snippet webenginewidgets/fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 8
The \c rotateImages() function rotates the images on the current
web page. This JavaScript code relies on CSS transforms and
looks up all \e {img} elements and rotates the images 180 degrees
and then back again.
- \snippet fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 9
+ \snippet webenginewidgets/fancybrowser/mainwindow.cpp 9
The remaining four methods remove different elements from the current web
page. \c removeGifImages() removes all GIF images on the page by looking up