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Make gyp to dump debug symbols for separate_debug_info builds
With this patch we get usable debug files. This also makes qmake strip the core lirary from unneeded sysmbols which is especially beneficial on embedded. Change-Id: Ic1cadd87dbedb9817512a8b4f251cc3e43f028d1 Reviewed-by: Jocelyn Turcotte <>
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@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ cross_compile {
GYP_CONFIG += disable_glibcxx_debug=1
!webcore_debug: GYP_CONFIG += remove_webcore_debug_symbols=1
+linux:contains(QT_CONFIG, separate_debug_info): GYP_CONFIG += linux_dump_symbols=1
# Append additional platform options defined in GYP_CONFIG
for (config, GYP_CONFIG): GYP_ARGS += "-D $$config"