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Update Chromiumv5.9.1
Pulls in the last security patches from Chrome 59 release. Changes: cf318fb Fix crash if glGetString returns null pointer d34da87 [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5071 cb447f7 [Backport] Have sendBeacon throw for Blobs with a type that is not CORS-safelisted. a83fe7e [Backport] Fix for CVE-2016-5078 ff6f88a [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5079 5c34ac7 [Backport] Protect against lifecycle updates that delete a layout object for autoscroll. f9ecfa6 [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5083 17dfc0d [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5088 c66a939 [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5089 Task-number: QTBUG-61337 Change-Id: Ia634429ef58070d947970a3c07886e94730aa950 Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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