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Update Chromium
Submodule src/3rdparty 6ae16282af..39aa0ea99a: > CVE-2021-38022: Inappropriate implementation in WebAuthentication > CVE-2021-38015: Inappropriate implementation in input > CVE-2021-38019: Insufficient policy enforcement in CORS > CVE-2021-38009: Inappropriate implementation in cache > Dependency for CVE-2021-38009 > CVE-2021-38010: Inappropriate implementation in service workers > CVE-2021-38005: Use after free in loader (3/3) > CVE-2021-38005: Use after free in loader (2/3) > CVE-2021-38005: Use after free in loader (1/3) > CVE-2021-38007: Type Confusion in V8 > CVE-2021-38017: Insufficient policy enforcement in iframe sandbox > CVE-2021-38012: Type Confusion in V8 > Fixup for CVE-2021-38018: Inappropriate implementation in navigation > CVE-2021-38018: Inappropriate implementation in navigation > CVE-2021-38021: Inappropriate implementation in referrer > CVE-2021-3541 libxml2: Exponential entity expansion attack bypasses all existing protection mechanisms > CVE-2021-3517: libxml2: Heap-based buffer overflow in xmlEncodeEntitiesInternal() in entities.c > CVE-2021-38001 : Type Confusion in V8 > Security bug 1252858 > CVE-2021-38003 : Inappropriate implementation in V8 > CVE-2021-37996 : Insufficient validation of untrusted input in Downloads > CVE-2021-37989 : Inappropriate implementation in Blink > CVE-2021-37987 : Use after free in Network APIs > Security bug 1245870 > CVE-2021-37992 : Out of bounds read in WebAudio > CVE-2021-37993 : Use after free in PDF Accessibility > Security bug 1241912 > CVE-2021-37984 : Heap buffer overflow in PDFium > Fix build with Win10 21H1 SDK and Win11 SDK Change-Id: Ie208cc60c8c65c37ddf0d727fe7e1e315e538255 Task-number: QTBUG-98400 Task-number: QTBUG-98401 Task-number: QTBUG-98523 Fixes: QTBUG-98522 Pick-to: 6.2 6.2.2 Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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