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\brief A utility type for ignoring certificate errors or rejecting erroneous certificates.
- This QML type contains information about a certificate error that occurred and provides a way
- to ignore the error or reject the certificate.
+ This QML type contains information about a certificate error that occurred. The \l error
+ property holds the reason that the error occurred and the \l description property holds a
+ short localized description of the error. The \l url property holds the URL that triggered
+ the error.
+ The certificate can be rejected by calling \l rejectCertificate, which will stop loading the
+ web engine request. By default, an invalid certificate will be automatically rejected.
+ The certificate error can be ignored by calling \l ignoreCertificateError, which will
+ resume loading the request.
+ It is possible to defer the decision of rejecting a certificate by calling \l defer,
+ which is useful when waiting for user input.
\sa WebEngineView::certificateError