Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Update Chromiumv5.15.7-lts-lgplv5.15.7-lts5.15.7Allan Sandfeld Jensen2021-10-201-0/+0
* Update patch levelAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-10-191-1/+1
* Blacklist certificate test until certicates have been renewedAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-10-132-0/+5
* Block CORS from local URLs when remote access is not enabledAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-10-133-8/+44
* Do not wait on weak_pointer for termination errorsAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-10-061-2/+2
* Update ChromiumMichael Brüning2021-09-231-0/+0
* Update ChromiumMichael Brüning2021-09-232-0/+5
* Support MSVC_VER 16.8Allan Sandfeld Jensen2021-09-131-1/+1
* Fix wrong save file filter for Markdown Editor exampleKirill Burtsev2021-09-101-1/+1
* Add Chromium version source documentationAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-09-091-0/+2
* Bump version from 5.15.6 to 5.15.7Tarja Sundqvist2021-09-081-1/+1
* Fix crash when clicking on a link in PDFSzabolcs David2021-08-251-1/+1
* Update ChromiumMichael Brüning2021-08-041-0/+0
* Update ChromiumMichael Brüning2021-08-021-0/+0
* Update ChromiumAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-06-091-0/+0
* Bump version from 5.15.5 to 5.15.6Tarja Sundqvist2021-06-081-1/+1
* Always send phased wheel events beginning with BeganAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-06-051-1/+1
* Update ChromiumMichael Brüning2021-05-311-0/+0
* Generate mojo bindings before compiling extension API registrationPeter Varga2021-05-281-0/+1
* Fix not working certificates on mac > 10.14Michal Klocek2021-05-264-89/+64
* Update ChromiumAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-05-211-0/+0
* Bump version from 5.15.4 to 5.15.5Tarja Sundqvist2021-05-201-1/+1
* Blacklist handleError on macos until we merge the fixAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-05-201-0/+2
* Load signals test: use focusProxy for link clicking testKirill Burtsev2021-05-171-2/+2
* Set enumaration root directory for File.webkitRelativePath APIBalazs Egedi2021-05-132-2/+21
* Fix FilePickerController's path validation for windows and corresponding testsPeter Varga2021-05-122-5/+5
* Add support for Keyboard.getLayoutMap()Peter Varga2021-05-126-2/+98
* Remove ResourceTypeSubFrame check after website updateKirill Burtsev2021-05-111-12/+0
* Follow InProcessGpuThread::Init() on thread priorityAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-05-101-1/+1
* Avoid unknownFunc messages in qmltestsAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-05-0721-22/+36
* Blacklist CertificateError::test_error for macOSAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-05-071-0/+2
* Adapt to new Connections syntaxBalazs Egedi2021-05-061-5/+15
* Remove tracking of frame which load error pageKirill Burtsev2021-05-063-15/+4
* Fix inconsistent number of load signals and their orderKirill Burtsev2021-05-0615-173/+143
* Doc: Add a note about navigation within a page to a fragmentKirill Burtsev2021-05-061-0/+6
* Unblacklist and fix load signals test for file downloadKirill Burtsev2021-05-062-18/+7
* Add more tests to tst_loadsignalsJüri Valdmann2021-05-069-33/+268
* Remove obsolete loadSignals test secondLoadForError_WhenErrorPageEnabledKirill Burtsev2021-05-062-40/+0
* Allow leaving OCSP offAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-05-035-14/+24
* Blacklist NewViewRequest::test_loadNewViewRequest on macOSAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-04-292-1/+2
* Update ChromiumAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-04-291-0/+0
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.15.4' into 5.15Allan Sandfeld Jensen2021-04-273-8/+7
| * Update Chromiumv5.15.4-lts-lgplv5.15.4-ltsMichael Brüning2021-04-211-0/+0
| * Update ChromiumMichael Brüning2021-04-211-0/+0
| * Update Chromium and adapt PermissionManagerQtMichael Brüning2021-04-203-8/+7
| * Report server directs in navigation typeAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-04-194-1/+49
* | Docs: Suggest to use higher DPI for printingSzabolcs David2021-04-212-0/+5
* | Fix application locales againSzabolcs David2021-04-219-29/+60
* | Report server directs in navigation typeAllan Sandfeld Jensen2021-04-194-1/+49
* Fix first party url for cookie filterTamas Zakor2021-04-157-18/+34