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* Update Chromium and changelogv5.11.1Michal Klocek2018-06-152-1/+3
* Add changes file for Qt 5.11.1Antti Kokko2018-06-151-0/+95
* Update ChromiumMichal Klocek2018-06-071-0/+0
* Fix crash with non-integer Qt scalingAllan Sandfeld Jensen2018-06-061-1/+2
* Update ChromiumMichal Klocek2018-06-061-0/+0
* Update ChromiumMichal Klocek2018-06-061-0/+0
* Update ChromiumMichal Klocek2018-06-061-0/+0
* Add binary compatibility files for 5.11 for QtWebEngineMilla Pohjanheimo2018-06-063-0/+45931
* Fix compilation with opengl es2Michal Klocek2018-06-053-16/+14
* Update ChromiumMichal Klocek2018-06-051-0/+0
* Update ChromiumMichal Klocek2018-06-051-0/+0
* Fix WebCursor scaling and hotspotJüri Valdmann2018-06-051-4/+25
* Update ChromiumMichal Klocek2018-06-051-0/+0
* Narrow includeAllan Sandfeld Jensen2018-06-051-1/+1
* Add changes file for Qt 5.9.5Antti Kokko2018-06-011-0/+85
* Add changes file for Qt 5.9.6Antti Kokko2018-06-011-0/+49
* Bump versionOswald Buddenhagen2018-05-311-1/+1
* Fix segfault in QWebEnginePage::triggerActionJüri Valdmann2018-05-302-50/+61
* Do make freetype checks in Qt Gui and Qt WebEngine orthogonalKai Koehne2018-05-282-2/+14
* Fix typo in configure.jsonKai Koehne2018-05-281-1/+1
* Apply settings on pending RVH tooPeter Varga2018-05-254-14/+9
* CookieBrowser: Support also incomplete URL'sKai Koehne2018-05-251-1/+1
* Remove 'ignore = all' from .gitmodulesJüri Valdmann2018-05-241-1/+1
* Blacklist tst_QWebEngineSettings::setInAcceptNavigationRequestPeter Varga2018-05-241-0/+2
* Fix color space conversion of YUV video nodesSzabolcs David2018-05-231-3/+4
* Doc: Add examples of enabling proprietary codecsLeena Miettinen2018-05-231-1/+18
* Fix overeager disabling of QActions in QWebEnginePageJüri Valdmann2018-05-191-5/+0
* Update ChromiumJüri Valdmann2018-05-181-0/+0
* Remove duplicated includeAllan Sandfeld Jensen2018-05-171-1/+0
* Remove qwebchannel.js from test and exampleMichal Klocek2018-05-178-850/+4
* Only add the first found widevine CDMAllan Sandfeld Jensen2018-05-172-0/+1
* Keep settings synchronized when RVH swapsPeter Varga2018-05-173-0/+47
* Replace invalid characters in WebChannel messagesJüri Valdmann2018-05-165-18/+69
* Fix build without qtlocationAllan Sandfeld Jensen2018-05-161-0/+9
* Improve user experience in stylesheet exampleSzabolcs David2018-05-165-10/+87
* Fix keyboard focus for speculative RenderFrameHostsJüri Valdmann2018-05-152-2/+3
* Remove old focusProxy widget from layout in RWHVQDW::initAsChildJüri Valdmann2018-05-151-0/+3
* Cleanup pdfium_document_wrapper_qt.h includeAllan Sandfeld Jensen2018-05-153-10/+6
* Fix tst_QWebEnginePage::openLinkInDifferentProfileJüri Valdmann2018-05-151-0/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.11.0' into 5.11Qt Forward Merge Bot2018-05-0914-12/+233
| * Update Chromiumv5.11.0-rc2v5.11.0Allan Sandfeld Jensen2018-05-082-2/+3
| * Update changes with CVEsv5.11.0-rc1Allan Sandfeld Jensen2018-05-031-0/+6
| * Add reserved fields to the cookie filter requestAllan Sandfeld Jensen2018-05-012-2/+14
| * Add changes file for Qt 5.11.0Antti Kokko2018-05-011-0/+114
| * Add fallback to qpa when query for glXGetProcAddressMichal Klocek2018-05-011-3/+21
| * Update ChromiumAllan Sandfeld Jensen2018-04-301-0/+0
| * Install lost hooks for geolocationAllan Sandfeld Jensen2018-04-302-0/+24
| * Fix invalid site instance when switching browser contextsJüri Valdmann2018-04-302-3/+38
| * Update ChromiumAllan Sandfeld Jensen2018-04-221-0/+0
| * Merge 5.11 into 5.11.0Oswald Buddenhagen2018-04-206-34/+49
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