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* Update ninja and bump Chromium version to 33.0.1750.170Andras Becsi2014-06-051-9/+3
* Add --baseline-upstream option to init-repository.pyAndras Becsi2014-06-051-1/+6
* Fix's --no-gerrit optionAndras Becsi2014-06-041-1/+1
* Provide option to bypass adding the gerrit/commit hook remote.Jeff Rogers2014-05-161-2/+5
* Update patches to stable branch 1750Andras Becsi2014-03-281-1/+1
* Change to clone snapshot by default.Zeno Albisser2014-01-141-6/+6
* should only be used when cloning with git.Zeno Albisser2014-01-131-0/+16
* Improve to fetch up-to-date dependency listAndras Becsi2013-12-201-6/+3
* Revert "Improve to fetch up-to-date dependency list"Jocelyn Turcotte2013-12-161-3/+6
* Remove --android and download the android and mac files by defaultAndras Becsi2013-12-131-3/+0
* Improve to fetch up-to-date dependency listAndras Becsi2013-12-131-6/+3
* Moving sources to src part 2: Adjust paths.Jocelyn Turcotte2013-11-281-19/+19
* Implement parsing of Chromium .DEPS files.Zeno Albisser2013-10-291-0/+5
* Add --android argument to the scriptAndras Becsi2013-10-011-0/+3
* Use the correct port when downloading the git hooks from gerritAndras Becsi2013-08-281-1/+1
* Add command line flags to init-repository.pyAndras Becsi2013-08-211-30/+46
* Make sure submodule changes do not show up as a diff.Zeno Albisser2013-08-191-19/+4
* Update to allow using upstream chromium repository.Zeno Albisser2013-08-191-11/+63
* Add to take snapshots from chromium and ninja.Zeno Albisser2013-08-161-105/+4
* Make properly reset all submodules.Zeno Albisser2013-07-281-1/+27
* Fix for Mac.Zeno Albisser2013-06-271-1/+3
* Improve script.Zeno Albisser2013-06-271-4/+21
* Add script.Zeno Albisser2013-06-271-0/+167