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* Implement GLSurfaceQt and exclude chromium's implementationAndras Becsi2014-08-021-0/+8
* On windows use blink's accessibility implementationFrederik Gladhorn2014-07-231-2/+0
* Add core accessibilityFrederik Gladhorn2014-07-091-0/+9
* Move gyp defines to os specific config for WindowsZoltan Arvai2014-06-021-4/+0
* Windows: Use single process binary on Windows and fix GL contextPeter Varga2014-05-211-0/+1
* Remove obsolete QNX exclusions.Jeff Rogers2014-05-161-6/+0
* Remove icu-config workaround and add libraries for eLinuxAndras Becsi2014-05-071-1/+7
* Windows: Use the runtime library the same way as QtJocelyn Turcotte2014-04-151-0/+3
* Add SurfaceFactoryQt and OzonePlatformEglfs.Zeno Albisser2014-03-311-0/+3
* Override OPENSSLDIR for embedded linux.Zeno Albisser2014-03-281-14/+16
* Get rid of GTK dependenciesAndras Becsi2014-03-281-0/+12
* Remove wrong library path that is reported by icu-config.Zeno Albisser2014-03-251-1/+1
* Fix clipboard build on WindowsZoltan Arvai2014-03-141-0/+2
* Add Qt clipboard integrationJocelyn Turcotte2014-03-041-0/+3
* Fix the embedded buildAndras Becsi2014-02-051-0/+1
* Disable Werror by defaultPierre Rossi2014-01-111-0/+3
* Fix the build on ARMAndras Becsi2013-12-111-1/+1
* Adding target specific options based on _target_name does not workAndras Becsi2013-12-021-9/+7
* Moving sources to src part 1: Move files.Jocelyn Turcotte2013-11-281-0/+51