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* Propagate unhandled key events to the QtWebEngine view's parentJocelyn Turcotte2015-02-051-1/+8
* Enable building Qt WebEngine without accessiblity enabled.Michael BrĂ¼ning2015-01-231-1/+10
* Add Keyboard modifiers to MotionEventQt.Zeno Albisser2015-01-201-4/+44
* BrowserAccessibilityDelegate has been implemented in RenderFrameHostImpl.Zeno Albisser2015-01-201-63/+3
* Update Chromium to version 40.0.2214.28 and ninja to 1.5.3.Zeno Albisser2015-01-201-61/+43
* Add Pointer Lock supportSzabolcs David2015-01-161-3/+19
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.4' into devAndras Becsi2014-12-011-0/+10
| * Process touch events in sorted order.Zeno Albisser2014-11-121-0/+10
* | Avoid relying on QOpenGL classes to handle RenderPassesJocelyn Turcotte2014-11-251-1/+1
* | Rename DelegatedFrameNodeData to ChromiumCompositorDataJocelyn Turcotte2014-11-251-6/+6
* Fix issues on HiDPI displaysAndras Becsi2014-09-241-0/+2
* Remove unneded OS_CHROMEOS defineAndras Becsi2014-09-231-1/+1
* Bring back the mapping of touch IDs to fix flingingJocelyn Turcotte2014-09-191-7/+39
* Do a minor update to Chromium 37.0.2062.103Jocelyn Turcotte2014-09-101-0/+2
* React to Accessibility being enabled/disabled globallyFrederik Gladhorn2014-09-011-2/+13
* Update License Headers for Qt WebEngine to LGPLv3.Zeno Albisser2014-08-211-15/+10
* Propagate the page's screen coordinates when the top-level window movedJocelyn Turcotte2014-08-201-14/+17
* Implement RenderWidgetHostViewQt::AccessibilityViewHasFocusFrederik Gladhorn2014-08-181-0/+5
* Use the unified gesture recognizerJocelyn Turcotte2014-08-141-156/+96
* Update the QtWebEngineCore library to run on top of Chromium 37Jocelyn Turcotte2014-08-141-77/+18
* Use QSGEngine instead of the private QSGRenderContextJocelyn Turcotte2014-08-061-2/+2
* Fix tab focus in the widgets and QML webviewsJocelyn Turcotte2014-08-011-0/+5
* Add loadVisuallyCommitted signal to the experimental Quick APISzabolcs David2014-08-011-0/+11
* Fix windows build with accessibilityFrederik Gladhorn2014-07-291-33/+0
* On windows use blink's accessibility implementationFrederik Gladhorn2014-07-231-2/+34
* Fix RenderWidgetHostViewQt::GetViewBoundsFrederik Gladhorn2014-07-141-1/+1
* Implement functions of BrowserAccessibilityDelegateFrederik Gladhorn2014-07-111-2/+50
* Add core accessibilityFrederik Gladhorn2014-07-091-7/+37
* Fix keyboard scrollingAllan Sandfeld Jensen2014-06-181-1/+6
* Fix fling gesturesJocelyn Turcotte2014-05-191-2/+11
* Fix a crash when attempting to dragJocelyn Turcotte2014-05-081-3/+2
* Fix double clicks needing three presses in QWebEngineViewJocelyn Turcotte2014-05-081-6/+1
* Clean up cancel fling gesture and latency info for gesturesAndras Becsi2014-04-251-14/+5
* Fix broken experimental.viewport.devicePixelRatioArvid Nilsson2014-04-091-0/+8
* Get rid of the BackingStore rendering pathJocelyn Turcotte2014-04-081-25/+2
* Render the widgets view using the scene graph into a QOpenGLWidgetJocelyn Turcotte2014-04-081-2/+2
* Revert part of the RenderWidgetHostViewQtDelegate refactoringJocelyn Turcotte2014-04-081-2/+4
* Add the base qualifier where base::string16 is usedArvid Nilsson2014-04-011-2/+2
* Update clipboard selection when selection changesAllan Sandfeld Jensen2014-03-311-0/+9
* Get rid of GTK dependenciesAndras Becsi2014-03-281-14/+0
* Adapt to API changes in new stable branch 1750Andras Becsi2014-03-281-80/+123
* Fix the HighDPI rendering of QQuickWebEngineViewJocelyn Turcotte2014-03-201-0/+1
* Tooltip support.Pierre Rossi2014-03-141-2/+2
* Implement QInputMethodEvent::Attribute translation and compositionAndras Becsi2014-02-211-8/+55
* Cancel ongoing "fling" animations on tap-downAndras Becsi2014-02-191-4/+20
* Make Qt 5.2 a minimum requirementPierre Rossi2014-02-141-4/+0
* Implement QWebEnginePage::selectedTextJocelyn Turcotte2014-02-131-0/+6
* [Widgets] RenderWidgetHostViewQtDelegate refactoringPierre Rossi2014-02-121-3/+4
* Implement basic support for input method events.Zeno Albisser2014-02-081-0/+20
* Quick: Support reparentingArvid Nilsson2014-01-311-32/+21