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* OS X: Fix QtWebEngineProcess @rpath handling so macdeployqt works.Alexandru Croitor2016-02-251-16/+2
* Revert "Remove rpath workaround from QtWebProcess build."Michael Bruning2015-10-301-1/+16
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.5' into 5.6Liang Qi2015-10-283-0/+168
| * make the render process DPI-awareJoerg Bornemann2015-10-133-0/+168
* | Remove rpath workaround from QtWebProcess build.Jake Petroules2015-09-061-17/+1
* Make QtWebEngineProcess use full 4 GiByte of memoryKai Koehne2015-08-031-0/+2
* Deploy QtWebEngineProcess.exe at library executables path on WindowsPeter Varga2015-04-151-1/+2
* Update copyright headersJani Heikkinen2015-02-161-7/+7
* Ensure QtWebEngineProcess is built in release modeAndy Shaw2015-02-031-1/+1
* OSX: Don't show QtWebEngineProcess in the dockv5.4.0Jocelyn Turcotte2014-12-022-0/+25
* Use a relative install_name for QtWebEngineProcess' dependenciesv5.4.0-rc1Jocelyn Turcotte2014-11-201-2/+20
* Deploy external data in QtWebEngineCore.framework for framework buildsJocelyn Turcotte2014-11-061-4/+12
* Create a QCoreApplication in QtWebEngineProcess as well.Michael BrĂ¼ning2014-09-301-0/+5
* Update License Headers for Qt WebEngine to LGPLv3.Zeno Albisser2014-08-211-15/+10
* Add proxy functions for libc symbols to allow sandboxing.Zeno Albisser2014-04-241-0/+109
* Deploy QtWebEngineCore as a Qt moduleJocelyn Turcotte2014-03-071-8/+2
* Fix the embedded buildAndras Becsi2014-02-051-1/+2
* Fix placement of webengine processSimon Hausmann2014-01-151-2/+2
* Moving sources to src part 2: Adjust paths.Jocelyn Turcotte2013-11-281-1/+1
* Moving sources to src part 1: Move files.Jocelyn Turcotte2013-11-282-0/+69