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* Use SPDX license identifiersLucie Gérard2022-06-221-38/+2
| | | | | | | | | | | Replace the current license disclaimer in files by a SPDX-License-Identifier. License files are organized under LICENSES directory. Pick-to: 6.4 Task-number: QTBUG-67283 Change-Id: I869ffda1080e283f231eb0dc4477b260f2054d99 Reviewed-by: Jörg Bornemann <>
* Create a RWHV delegate in coreAllan Sandfeld Jensen2022-06-091-0/+88
This is adapting the Quick code for shared use with widgets, and allows us to use it from QWebEnginePage. Pick-to: 6.4 Fixes: QTBUG-96377 Change-Id: I3f09c1a949eff86d80fbe6c513dc66e3f9f2f611 Reviewed-by: Michal Klocek <>