BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
6.3replace sprintf by snprintfFriedemann Kleint2 months
6.3.0build: copy instead of move the package directoryCristián Maureira-Fredes8 months
6.3.1Pin Qt6.3.1 sha1 and fix version for releaseSimo Fält8 months
6.3.2Pin Qt6.3.2 sha1 and fix version for releaseSimo Fält5 months
6.4Enable QPainter Draw Methods that Accept PointersOgi Moore42 hours
6.4.0Deploy Tool Fix: os.fspath instead of pathlibShyamnath Premnadh3 months
6.4.1PySide6: Fix missing QtSpatialAudio in wheelsFriedemann Kleint2 months
6.4.2Pin Sphinx to 5.3 versionSimo Fält3 weeks
devEnable QPainter Draw Methods that Accept PointersOgi Moore44 hours
wip/6.3_pypyMerge branch 6.3 into wip/6.3_pypyQt Forward Merge Bot4 months
v6.4.2commit 43f89b5949...Simo Fält11 days
v6.4.1commit 2f0c07237a...Simo Fält6 weeks
v6.4.0.1commit 98799cfac0...Simo Fält3 months
v6.4.0commit f76661cc00...Simo Fält3 months
v6.3.2commit 40049270af...Simo Fält4 months
v6.3.1commit 7a1ab102e4...Simo Fält6 months
v6.2.4commit 4c7d937cc9...Simo Fält8 months
v6.3.0commit 447fed361a...Simo Fält8 months
v6.2.3commit 1966aae540...Simo Fält12 months
v5.15.2.1commit 9282e03de4...Simo Fält12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-06-19Cleanup version strings for 5.12.4 releasev5. Fält2-4/+4
2019-06-17Add changelog 5.12.4Cristian Maureira-Fredes1-0/+43
2019-06-13Revert "shiboken: Disambiguate indexes of smart pointer types"Friedemann Kleint1-4/+1
2019-06-13shiboken: Fix handling shared pointers passed by const-ref, take 2Friedemann Kleint2-5/+9
2019-06-05shiboken: Enable specifying names for a parameters of added functionsFriedemann Kleint5-10/+59
2019-05-30Signature: Try to recognize unknown modules in errorhandler.pyChristian Tismer1-52/+42
2019-01-18Complete the help() support for TypesChristian Tismer3-0/+32
2019-06-12Examples: Use QSaveFileFriedemann Kleint2-20/+27
2019-06-11TabbedBrowser Example: Fix "Open in new tab"Friedemann Kleint1-1/+1
2019-06-10Fix negative refcount on QSocketNotifierChristian Tismer2-2/+3