BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
6.1PySide6: Clean the rejected typesFriedemann Kleint2 months
6.1.0Cleanup version strings for 6.1.0Simo Fält7 months
6.1.1PySide6: Extend the porting guideFriedemann Kleint6 months
6.1.2Pin Qt5#6.1.2 sha1Simo Fält5 months
6.1.3Remove lupdate changes temporarilyCristián Maureira-Fredes3 months
6.2Fix dependencies of QtQuick3DFriedemann Kleint41 hours
6.2.0Fix Qt Quick Control2 example to workFriedemann Kleint2 months
6.2.1Pin Qt5#6.2.1 sha1 as a dependencySimo Fält5 weeks
6.2.2Build macOS universal binarySimo Fält12 hours
devEnable CI test on arm64Simo Fält17 hours
v6.2.0commit 595e476421...Simo Fält5 weeks
v6.2.1commit 4cc0c0beb5...Simo Fält5 weeks
v6.1.3commit cfcabf7a12...Simo Fält3 months
v6.1.2commit 837a578536...Simo Fält5 months
v6.1.1commit fc376988a7...Simo Fält5 months
v6.1.0commit 6f651b0af6...Simo Fält6 months
v6.0.4commit 41cb44f85a...Simo Fält7 months
v6.0.3commit 75416a6a5a...Simo Fält7 months
v6.0.2commit b4b2768b9d...Simo Fält9 months
v6.0.1commit b4c0e130fd...Simo Fält10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2012-03-08Fix unit test of bug 829.ps-1.0.8Hugo Parente Lima2-5/+8
2012-03-08Version bump to 1.0.8.Hugo Parente Lima1-3/+3
2012-03-08Fix bug 1019 - "Overriding QWidget.show or QWidget.hide do not work"Hugo Parente Lima3-10/+53
2012-03-08Fix bug 1022 - "RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded while getting ...Paulo Alcantara3-1/+16
2012-03-08Only removes actions bounded to PyObjects on QMenu::clear.Hugo Parente Lima1-4/+9
2012-03-08Initial update typesystem for support Qt 4.8 (beta).Renato Filho4-2/+25
2012-03-08Fix getTypeName check order.Lauro Neto1-2/+2
2012-03-08Fixes win32's HWND converter.Marcelo Lira3-6/+8
2012-03-08Use sbkpython.h instead of Python.h to avoid problems with Python2.5.Hugo Parente Lima24-24/+24
2012-03-08Avoid using uninitialized variable.Hugo Parente Lima1-1/+1