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* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.1'Arttu Tarkiainen2021-06-021-5/+16
| * Add possibility to list components with regexpKatja Marttila2021-05-211-1/+13
| * CLI: Print warning when creating over 4GB installers on WindowsArttu Tarkiainen2021-05-041-1/+9
| * Do not try to remove non-existing package information file on rollbackArttu Tarkiainen2021-04-261-4/+3
* | CLI: Print warning when creating over 4GB installers on WindowsArttu Tarkiainen2021-04-271-1/+9
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.1'Arttu Tarkiainen2021-04-141-1/+4
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| * CLI: Calculate required temporary and installation disk spaceArttu Tarkiainen2021-03-281-1/+4
* | CLI: Add support for additional filtering of search resultsArttu Tarkiainen2021-04-091-4/+17
* | Merge "commit 29ed7cb3ca2e1caeb56eabba327442ce0ccadbf6 1616145450 -t--sp"Katja Marttila2021-03-221-0/+8
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| | * Emit signal when components are recalculatedKatja Marttila2021-03-121-0/+8
* | | CLI: improvements to 'search' and 'install' command outputArttu Tarkiainen2021-03-111-10/+56
* | | Cppcheck: Remove unused variablesKatja Marttila2021-03-091-1/+1
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* | Add alternative way to update components from repositoryKatja Marttila2021-03-031-6/+4
* Add unit tests for offline generationArttu Tarkiainen2021-02-161-3/+7
* Add possibility to move component in component treeKatja Marttila2021-02-111-21/+56
* Try rerunning execute operationKatja Marttila2021-02-051-2/+13
* CLI: Exit when expecting user input and the output device is not a TTYArttu Tarkiainen2021-02-041-0/+6
* Restructure logging utilitiesArttu Tarkiainen2021-02-041-49/+7
* Add support for generating offline installer from onlineArttu Tarkiainen2021-01-151-29/+156
* Introduce ForcedUpdate element for componentKatja Marttila2020-12-221-10/+20
* Print package information in xml formatKatja Marttila2020-11-251-8/+12
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.0' into masterKatja Marttila2020-11-241-1/+1
| * CLI: Fix wrong warning text in command 'purge' for running processesArttu Tarkiainen2020-11-031-1/+1
* | Arrange licenses and filter duplicatesJarkko Lehtoranta2020-11-061-0/+36
* | CLI: Print extra archive information with higher verbosity levelArttu Tarkiainen2020-11-051-3/+2
* | CLI: Add possibility to filter installed packages with regexpArttu Tarkiainen2020-11-041-3/+10
* | Remove unused code blocks and functionsKatja Marttila2020-11-041-1/+1
* CLI: Add informative print when calling "remove" with no argumentsArttu Tarkiainen2020-10-011-0/+5
* CLI: Give more meaningfull return value for installsKatja Marttila2020-09-251-34/+31
* CLI: Prevent MT restart after MT is updatedKatja Marttila2020-09-231-3/+5
* Exit early when trying to install already installed componentKatja Marttila2020-09-211-1/+11
* Doc: Fix documentation warningsTopi Reinio2020-09-161-48/+50
* CLI: Allow forced component to be selected for installKatja Marttila2020-08-311-1/+2
* Add verbose levels and cleanup log categoriesKatja Marttila2020-08-241-16/+24
* CLI: Ask user confirmation before performing installer actionsArttu Tarkiainen2020-08-211-0/+13
* Documentation fixesKatja Marttila2020-07-031-56/+35
* Add possibility to add custom widget from script to certain positionKatja Marttila2020-06-251-6/+11
* Add function to get information if default install is performedKatja Marttila2020-06-251-0/+10
* Add possibility to select/deselect component from script using coreKatja Marttila2020-06-251-0/+20
* Add a page list widget to installer wizardArttu Tarkiainen2020-06-111-0/+5
* Refactor maintenance tool writing conditionsArttu Tarkiainen2020-06-101-33/+38
* Fix InstallAction type when updating componentsKatja Marttila2020-06-081-4/+9
* Obey --show-virtual-components in cli searchKatja Marttila2020-06-041-1/+2
* CLI: Do not run updater if there are no updates for selected componentsArttu Tarkiainen2020-06-011-2/+8
* Remove unnecessary autoRejectMessageBoxes() callsArttu Tarkiainen2020-05-281-4/+0
* Inform if trying to uninstall virtual componentKatja Marttila2020-05-271-0/+6
* CLI: Add new option --file-query to auto answer QFileDialogKatja Marttila2020-05-261-0/+49
* Add new no-default-installations optionKatja Marttila2020-05-261-0/+21
* Doc: Add scripting api documentation for setAutoAcceptLicenses()Arttu Tarkiainen2020-05-151-1/+3